HTML Basic Guide

Disclaimer: This is not an official html guide. This is a short guide and who want know about how html works.


HTML is a short name to HyperText Markeup Language. It's mean not a programming language, and yes a language of markeup.

Chapter One: Documents

In all codes of html, we have in the first, what version the code is using and the tag utilized is: <!DOCTYPE html> (In this case, only html with doctype means the code is using the last version of html).

Other important thing is the code need to be inside of the tag <html>, and in the end need close the tag with </html>

Chapter Two: Structures

The structure of HTML starts in documents, as explained above. But, in HTML we have most others types of structures.

The next part, we use the tag <head>, inside this tag, will write things that we call metadata. It's infos where the user don't see, but the computers/browsers use to better reading and navegation.

After this, we have the tag <body>, in this tag will all content where the user will see.

Besides HTML have others tags of structures, where we use to division parts of the HTML, as <header> where it's logins, toolbar, logos. Other part is the final of a site, where call <footer>, in this part it's the last contents, as copyright, credits, social medias.

Chapter Three: Head

As mentioned above, the tag head is the local where is the metadatas of a web site. But we will see what have inside this tag.

Tags Meta: This tag have multiples variants, but will write the principal metas. Meta charset: inside of this tag, we will write what timezone of the region where the web site will use of the users. This is for understand what characteres can to be utilize in website.